The Art Gallery of Ontario is a Toronto-based art museum. The museum is located in downtown Toronto’s Grange Park neighborhood, at Dundas Street West between McCaul Street and Beverley Street. It occupies 45,000 square meters of space. This makes it the largest North American art museum and second-largest Toronto art museum after the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum houses exhibition spaces as well as a studio and artist-in-residence office, dining facilities and event spaces, a library and archives, a library, a theatre, a lecture hall, a research center, and a workshop. Incorporated in 1903, it was originally known as the Art Museum of Toronto. In 1919, it was renamed the Art Museum of Toronto, and incorporated in 1903. In 1911, the museum purchased the Grange and undertook numerous expansions to the west and north of the structure. Darling and Pearson designed the first three expansions. The gallery has been through four major renovations and expansions since 1974. Visit for more details about The Art Gallery of Ontario.



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