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If you have ever lost your car keys, you may have wondered if a locksmith can make them for you. The answer is yes – but it’s not always easy. Locksmiths can create simple car keys, but more complex keys with transponders and sensors may be more challenging to make and could require special equipment. So, whether you have lost your keys or need a duplicate made, consult with your local locksmith to see if they can help.

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How Does a Locksmith Make Car Keys?

When you lose your car keys, you typically have two options: You can attempt to make a replacement key yourself using the “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) method or call a local locksmith for assistance. So how does a locksmith create car keys? Here’s the process!

STEP 1: Have you ever wondered how locksmiths know a key code for a particular car? The answer is that they carry around special equipment called code cutters. Car keys have tiny little grooves along the blade, which tell the locksmith exactly what the key code is. Then, using their knowledge of lock manufacturing, they can recreate the code and produce a new key.

STEP 2: Once they have this number, it’s time to make the actual key itself. Sometimes technicians will use blank keys that already fit into your car locks (if you can provide them). Other times they will need to cut the key’s blade by using their code cutter. This machine looks like a large, bulky pair of garden shears.

Replacement Car Key

STEP 3: Once the blank key has been cut to match your original car key, it’s time to add any necessary features such as chipped keys or transponders. Again, if you have not already provided these, the locksmith will need to add them using a separate machine.

STEP 4: The final stage is to cut the key blade to fit your existing locks, and then finally, for you to test it out! If all goes well, you should now have a replacement car key! Note that some locksmiths will make duplicate keys at this point, but others may choose instead to keep a master key to your car so they can make replacements in the future should you lose them again.

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Factors That Affect The Cost To Get A Car Key Replacement From A Locksmith

So, you’ve lost your car key and don’t know what to do! Whether you locked yourself out of your car or lost your keys somewhere like the beach, the mall, or in a restaurant, if you need a new set of keys made, you probably wonder how much it costs to get a car key replacement from a locksmith.

The price range for this service can vary widely, depending on several factors that are unique to your specific situation. It is important to consider all the factors that affect the final price of your car key replacement to have an idea of what you should expect to pay. This will help prevent any unexpected charges when the locksmith arrives at your location.

  •  Type Of Locksmith Service Required

A car key replacement service can be performed by either an automotive locksmith or a mobile locksmith. An automotive locksmith is a professional who works in a shop or garage and can perform high-quality car key replacement services at the location of your vehicle, whether it be on the street, in a parking lot, or your driveway.

  •  Type Of Lock

Transponder Key

Not all car keys are the same. For example, some cars have transponder keys, meaning they contain a microchip programmed with a specific code to unlock the vehicle doors. If you have a transponder key, it will probably be more expensive to get a new one made at your local locksmith shop because these keys require special programming before they can function correctly. This type of car key replacement is typically more than double the cost of having a regular key made.



  • Locksmith Experience

The price for a car key replacement service will depend on how long it takes the locksmith to do the job. If the task takes a professional less than 30 minutes, they will probably charge you somewhere from $40 to $60 for their services. However, if it takes them longer, expect to pay more because they may have to make several attempts before unlocking your car and creating a new car key replacement.

  • Locksmith Location

Although your car’s location does not affect how much it costs to get a replacement key made, it will determine the price of labor and parts involved. For example, if you lost your keys on the west coast and need a new set of keys made on the east coast, you can expect to pay more because of the distance the locksmith has to travel.

  • Locksmith Service Fee

Car key replacement services are typically charged on an hourly rate basis. Most automotive locksmiths charge $25 per hour or $30 per hour for their mobile locksmith services, which won’t be that much higher than what most automotive locksmiths charge.

  • Locksmith Availability

If your vehicle is located in an area with a low population, the prices of car key replacement services are likely to be higher than average because there may not be that many automotive locksmiths close to where you are. On the other hand, if your car is located in a large city or a big town, there will likely be many locksmiths around, so you can get this service done for a much lower price.

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Emergency Locksmith Services Toronto

At Emergency Locksmith Toronto, we know how inconvenient it is when you find out your car key has been lost or broken. That’s why we make it our goal to be at your location in minutes to provide the same-day service you need!

Whether your vehicle needs a new ignition switch or just a spare key for emergencies, our mobile technicians will have everything covered and delivered quickly. Have questions about what’s available? Give us a call today – we offer 24-hour emergency services 365 days per year!