Do Locksmiths Rip You Off?

There’s a popular belief that locksmiths are out to rip their customers off – but is this really the case? Let’s take a closer look at what goes into the cost of a locksmith service and what you can do to make sure you’re getting good value for your money.

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Signs Your Locksmith is Ripping You Off

Locksmiths are required to be trained professionals that provide an important service. If you’ve lost your keys, they can get you back in your house or car without much trouble. Unfortunately, the locksmith’s job is also very easy to screw up, and many of them will do just that if you’re not careful. There are several signs that your locksmith is trying to rip you off.



  1. They make you feel rushed

One of the easiest ways to draw suspicion is by quoting too much.

The best way for a locksmith to get more money out of their client is to work as quickly as possible without doing the job right. Unfortunately, this often results in them breaking something or damaging your property (like cutting into an expensive car dashboard). They may also try to add more complicated tasks (like making a new key while you wait) and charge you full price anyway. When they feel like they’re rushing, scams are likely to be happening.



  1. They tell you that their company or product is superior

When a locksmith tells you that his business is the best in town, it’s probably because he doesn’t have much competition. It could also be that they don’t do a good job, trying to convince you otherwise. They may try to add on more services than you need (like installing new locks on old doors) just for the sake of adding them onto the bill.

  1. Their quotes are incredibly high

One of the easiest ways to draw suspicion is by quoting too much. For example, if they tell you $500 for something that usually costs around $150, it’s probably time to find another locksmith. Locksmiths should be professionals with knowledge and training, not professionals looking to rip people off.


You can avoid many locksmith scams by taking your time and doing a little research.You can avoid many locksmith scams by taking your time and doing a little research. If you ask around, you could find a reliable locksmith that won’t charge an exorbitant fee just for showing up to look at the problem. If they’re giving you any kind of grief when quoting prices or services, then it’s probably better to find somebody else. $30 for a 15-minute job is more than enough compensation, and if they think otherwise, they’re probably trying to take advantage of you.



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Tips To Prevent Locksmith Scam


It’s easy to get scammed by a locksmith. They target people who are stressed and vulnerable after being locked out of their car or home and offer services that seem too good to be true, but the reality is: they usually are. However, several things can be done to avoid getting ripped off by a locksmith.


  • Locksmiths should provide at least three forms of identification: a business card, an identification badge, and a picture ID, but not all locksmiths carry these. If they don’t, this is an alarm bell that should tell you to run the other way.


  • If you do business with them, check their credentials before allowing them to work on your car or home so you can avoid becoming another victim of the locksmith scam.


  • To look for a locksmith in your area, go to Google Maps and type ‘locksmith Toronto ON’. Search only locally because locksmiths that work across state lines are likely not licensed to practice in your area. Call them directly to verify their license status.


  • Asking around comes in handy for personal recommendations. When you get a good locksmith who does excellent work, it is important to tell everyone you know about their services and spread the word around. Ask your family and friends for their recommendations.

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Need a Locksmith in Toronto?

So, do locksmiths rip you off? In most cases, no. However, there are a few bad apples in every bunch, and it’s important to be aware of what to watch out for.

While it’s impossible to say for certain whether or not locksmiths always operate in good faith, the general consensus seems to be that they do. In any case, if you need a locksmith and are unsure of who to trust, feel free to give our team a call.

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