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    Emergency Locksmith in Toronto

    Who do you call if you need an emergency locksmith in Toronto? A+ Lock & Door Locksmith Services can address any of your locksmith emergencies in Toronto, whether you are locked out of your home, stuck with a broken key, or simply need break-in repair for a busted lock. Perhaps you have merely lost your keys – whether for your home or car – or your smart lock is malfunctioning. No matter what the situation is, being locked out (or, in some cases, being unable to access important documents and belongings) is a horrible experience.

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    You can Rely on 25+ Years of Experience

    Thankfully, our qualified, fully licensed, and insured locksmith technicians will ensure that your emergency is dealt with as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our technicians are experienced and specialize in a wide range of locks, keys, and other locksmith tools and are capable of unlocking or repairing any lock, no matter how old or stuck. We require 6 months of in-house, hands-on training, so you can rest easy knowing our technicians are up to the task for any of your locksmith emergencies.

    If you are seeking an emergency locksmith Toronto, you can trust that A+ Lock & Door sets the highest industry standards when working within your home or business. It is important to make sure any locksmith work is completed correctly the first time – and with A+ Lock & Door, we guarantee it. With over 25 years of experience in the industry,
    we have seen all kinds of locksmith emergencies in Toronto, and we know how to solve them all.

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    Common Lock Issues

    Home lockout

    Key broken in lock

    Lock broken during break in

    Key won’t turn

    Tenant eviction

    Lost house keys

    Lost car keys

    Broken locks

    Car key duplication

    Keypad lock not working

    Lock is jammed

    The key turns but doesn’t lock

    Deadbolt is stuck

    Door knob is loose

    Door lock is frozen

    Stiff lock

    Door lock loose

    Safe lock not working

    Door not locking

    Break-in repair

    Difficult to turn lock

    Lock replacement

    Stolen car keys

    Stolen house keys

    Smart lock repair

    Broken key

    Emergency car lockout

    Rely on Rapid Response Times

    A+ Lock & Door is available 24/7 and guarantees same day service – even on holidays. You can rely on us for your emergency locksmith services in Toronto because we respond to all calls and requests for services in 90 seconds or less. We know that locksmith emergencies don’t happen on a regular 9-5 schedule; instead, they always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. We also know that, for people seeking an emergency locksmith in Toronto, their time is valuable. So, we pride ourselves on a rapid response time – our technicians will arrive at your locksmith emergency in Toronto in 15 minutes or less. The sooner we can address your emergency, the sooner your mind will be at ease knowing that A+ Lock & Door has you covered for all your locksmith emergencies.

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    Perfect for Business, Residential, and More!

    A+ Lock & Door aims to provide fast, efficient, and excellent services and is ready to provide custom solutions to any of your emergency locksmith Toronto problems. We can provide specialized solutions for factories, shopping malls, business centers, warehouses, corporate offices, and more. No locksmith emergency in Toronto is too big for us to handle!

    A+ Lock & Door can also provide custom solutions to any residential emergency locksmith Toronto problems. We know your home is important, which is why you have taken steps to secure your belongings and keep your family safe. Our experienced locksmith technicians in Toronto can provide you the right advice when it comes to changing locks, addressing weak points, or implementing a total security overhaul to ensure the safety of your home.

    But what about locksmith emergencies in Toronto related to your car? Don’t worry, A+ Lock & Door has you covered there, too. Honest mistakes happen, and many of us have been locked out of our car before, only to stare longingly at the set of keys sitting in the front seat behind the locked door. One of our expert locksmith technicians can help resolve your locksmith emergency in Toronto quickly and affordably. Plus, our automotive locksmith service includes properly lubricating and cleaning your car locks to prevent future issues. We are not just here to help you out of a bind; we are also aiming to set you up for success.

    (647) 477-1760


    My garage lock was broken for the last two months, but I kept pushing back the repairing process. Finally, some valuable spare parts of my car got stolen which opened my eyes. I scanned in google and Yelp for locksmith near me and came across excellent reviews of Locksmith Toronto. I called them right away, and their technician were at my doorstep in next 25 minutes. They came, saw and conquered by giving me a fast and cost-effective solution. Torontonians, if you face any locksmith issue, go for Locksmith Toronto.


    My car key was not functioning properly and needed to be replaced. I was wondering which key cutting locksmith to call for fast service. I came across the profile of Locksmith Toronto online and called in their number. Their technician were indeed prompt and experts in their job.


    I had a few incidents of thefts and pilferage in my factory. That compelled me to think hard on upgrading my factory security. After consulting my directors and searching online, I found numerous positive reviews of Toronto Locksmith. I called their technician in my factory and explained the situation in details. They surveyed the existing security infra and recommended the solution. I liked their approach and went ahead with them. They completed the project on time with optimum accuracy. Their service is highly recommended in Toronto and its surrounding areas.


    FAQs About Our Emergency Locksmith Services

    First step: don’t panic! There are experienced professionals at A+ Lock & Door ready to address your locksmith emergency in Toronto. Next step: Call one of our technicians at (647) 477-1760. We guarantee they will be at your location within 15 minutes of your call. Finally: wait. We will see you soon!

    It’s the worst-case scenario: your keys are in the ignition and the car is running, but you are locked out. Perhaps you are surrounded by perishable groceries, or maybe you even have a baby on your hip. Maybe Fido swallowed the car key on accident, and now he is stuck inside. We know that if you are calling us, you’re likely having a locksmith emergency in Toronto.

    First step: don’t panic. Keep a clear head and remember that you can always rely on A+ Lock & Door. Next step: Call one of our expert technicians at (647) 477-1760. Finally, all you need to do is wait; our seasoned professionals will be at your location within 15 minutes of your phone call.

    At A+ Lock & Door, we are proud to help you with any of your lock- or key-related needs. This includes duplicating keys, jammed locks, doors not locking, frozen door locks, and more. We can also provide locksmith estimates for just about any lock- or key-related work.

    At A+ Lock & Door, we pride ourselves on being able to address any locksmith emergency in Toronto – and to do so reliably, quickly, and excellently. This is why we guarantee 15-minute arrival times, same-day service, and a quality guarantee. We stand by our work.

    Call (647) 477-1760 to be connected to one of our technicians for your locksmith emergency. You can also fill out a brief form here and receive a callback within approximately 90 seconds.

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