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    High Security Locks

    High security locks were invented to provide a higher protection level against standard intrusion methods by criminals, spies, thieves, or people with bad intentions. It can even happen from inside your property, by employees or anyone who has access to your locks. In this time and day, it is hard to trust anyone. 

    Security locks are installed to prevent any unauthorized break-ins from your facilities or properties. While you can opt to install an average lock which is cheap and easy to install by yourself, it doesn’t provide the level of protection that a high security lock can give. Here are a couple of reasons why it’s a better choice, especially for business owners.


    • High security locks have extra durability that provides them with stronger resistance.
    • Its hardware is more complex and has been designed to withstand a great deal of pressure.

    Every home or business have valuable properties that you would like to protect from intruders. You would like to make sure they’re safe and can only be accessed by yourself and trusted people. Here at A+ Lock & Door Locksmith Services, we are experts in installing everything you need to make your business secure.


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    Strengthen Your Security

    Your security is based on the strength and complexity of your locks and keys. The easier it is to copy your key, the easier it is for people to access items or even people you want to protect. Most average businesses are at high risk because multiple people get hold of their keys. A regular lock can only take minutes for an expert criminal to manipulate and crack open. We have high-security lock experts who can install the best traits of high security door locks.

    • Lock Cylinder Complexity
    • Strong and Heavy Metal Content
    • Bolt Strength
    • Drill Protection
    • Key Control
    • Bypass Resistance

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    Common Lock Issues

    Home lockout

    Key broken in lock

    Lock broken during break in

    Key won’t turn

    Tenant eviction

    Lost house keys

    Lost car keys

    Broken locks

    Car key duplication

    Keypad lock not working

    Lock is jammed

    The key turns but doesn’t lock

    Deadbolt is stuck

    Door knob is loose

    Door lock is frozen

    Stiff lock

    Door lock loose

    Safe lock not working

    Door not locking

    Break-in repair

    Difficult to turn lock

    Lock replacement

    Stolen car keys

    Stolen house keys

    Smart lock repair

    Broken key

    Emergency car lockout

    Best Brands for High Security Locks

    Here are some of the best brands to choose from when you are looking for high-security door locks. While these are not all of the high security locks available, they are the ones we know that provide top quality. We can help install and repair the following brands and more:

    • Abloy
    • Mul-T-Lock
    • EVVA
    • Medeco
    • BiLock
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    Our High Security Lock Installation Services

    You can reduce your risks for break-ins if you install a lock that can withstand tampering. Characteristics found in high-security locks are heavy duty, resistance to tools, and auto locking mechanisms. High security locks are usually controlled with patented keys, meaning these keys can only be replicated by an authorized dealer. We are licensed to copy keys from the most popular high security lock brands. You can choose from an assortment of high security locks from padlocks, deadbolts, or cylinders. 


    • Locks rekeyed, keyed the same, repaired, supplied & installed.
    • Safes opened, repaired & serviced.
    • Electric strikes, door closers & panic exit devices
    • Master/restricted key system design & installation
    • Mobile locksmith service for home or business
    • No job is too big or too small. We provide a fast, reliable and professional mobile locksmith service.


    A+ Lock & Door Locksmith Services is established to provide our customers with a professional and reliable service while remaining a cost-effective choice. With more than 25 years of industry experience. Our tailored solutions, expert advice, and quality workmanship are all guaranteed.

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