Cost For A Spare Car Ke

Like most people, you probably have at least one spare car key. It’s a good idea to have a backup if you lose your key or it breaks. But how much does it cost to get a spare car key made?

Locksmiths offer a list of services to keep people’s homes and cars safe. One service they offer is making replacement car keys for people who have lost their original key(s). When you need a spare car key, you can have it made by a car manufacturer, a dealership, or a locksmith service in Toronto.

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The Average Cost For A Spare Car Key in Toronto

Car Key in TorontoThe price for having a locksmith make you a spare car key will depend on the brand of your car; the more expensive the vehicle, typically speaking, the more it costs to have that replacement done. A general estimate is somewhere around $150-$300. However, you could pay as little as $40 or as much as $700.

Spare car key services by a locksmith in Toronto vary depending on how many keys you need, the locksmith company’s location (costs change from city to city), and any complications.

There are some instances in which locksmiths charge extra fees for their services. For example, some people complain about paying “overtime” charges on top of their bills. However, you will always receive a pre-estimate before any reputable locksmith company works. This is because these companies know you have choices in your area when it comes to getting new keys made, and they want to keep their customers satisfied with competitive pricing.

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How To Get A Spare Car Key Made

The need for an extra car key arises when the original is lost, stuck inside the vehicle, or if you just simply want to have a spare lying around.  Although it sounds like a simple and easy task to accomplish, not many people know where and how they can get one made.

There are two major and separate ways to get a spare car key made. The first way to get an extra key is very similar to how you would go about getting a spare house key.  You will need to take the vehicle’s registration information and the make and model of your car to a local hardware store.  Some car dealerships will also provide this type of service however, it is often much more expensive, especially if you do not have a warranty or do not own the vehicle outright.

To have a spare car key made at any hardware store, you will need to bring the following information with you:


  • The make, model, and year of your vehicle


  • A current registration document for the vehicle


  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be located on either side of the dashboard in the front of your vehicle or in the driver’s side door jam.


  • You will also need to provide a photo ID for verification purposes.


Cost For A Spare Car KeyThe second way would be to take the vehicle itself into a locksmith shop and have them make one for you right away.  This seems like an easy fix, but it can cost anywhere from $50-$200 or more depending on the type of car. Although this may not seem like a lot, it can get expensive if you lose your keys often.

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Tips For Keeping Your Car Keys Safe And Secure

Car keys can be a costly item to buy, and just because you’re not ready to part with them doesn’t mean that your car keys should go missing. Keeping your car keys safe and secure is not easy, but there are some tips that you can follow that might help. 

  • Don’t Leave Your Car Keys In The Cup Holder

If you have a habit of leaving your car keys in the cup holder, then it’s time to stop doing so. Keeping your car key in the cup holder means that you’ll lose it, but it also means that someone else can find them and take them. When you’re not looking, they could get into your car and drive off, or from work they can get into your car and go joyriding.

  • When You’re Driving, Keep Your Car Keys In Your Pocket And Not The Glove Compartment

You should be making it a habit of putting your car keys in your pocket when you get into your car, but if you must keep them in the glove compartment, make sure that they are hidden away somewhere where no one can find them or steal them.

  • Keep Your Car Keys Safe And Secure With A Key Wallet

A key wallet is just like a regular wallet, except it’s specially designed to keep your car keys safe and secure. Not only will all of the different compartments in the key wallet keep your car keys separate from each other, but you can also keep bank cards in them to make sure you don’t lose them, too.

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