The Royal Ontario Museum, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a museum that focuses on art, world culture, and natural history. It is the largest museum in North America, and one of the most popular in Canada. The ROM is Canada’s most visited museum, with more than 1 million visitors annually. It is located north of Queen’s Park in the University of Toronto District. The main entrance to the museum can be found on Bloor Street West. The Museum Subway Station is named after the ROM. It has been renovated to resemble the collection since 2008. The museum was established on 16 April 1912 and opened its doors on 19 March 1914. It has had close relationships with the University of Toronto all of its history. They often share expertise and resources. The museum was managed and controlled by the University of Toronto from its inception until 1968 when it became an independent Crown agency of the Government of Ontario. The museum is Canada’s leading field research institution. It conducts research and conservation around the globe. The museum has more than 6,000,000 objects and 40 galleries. This contributes to its international fame. Visit here to learn more about Royal Ontario Museum


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