smart locks and why you should upgrade

For numerous years, we got used to the mechanical way of opening and locking our doors with the use of keys. Sure, these keys and locks work just okay and do the job just fine. But, over time, there is now a better way to keep up with the changing trends. This year we have seen numerous advancements in technology that make our lives easier than ever before, such as the use of a smart lock.

Introduction to Smart Locks

A smart lock is a security system that uses wireless technology such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This grants the user access to restricted areas without the use of a more traditional mechanical key. These locks connect to a network so they can transmit data, receive, and process commands. Some of these locks may be activated by an app, while some lock security systems come with alert systems and cameras. These advanced features allow you to monitor your home or office while you are away.

Features and Benefits

There is nothing more relaxing than coming into your house after a long day’s work and not having to worry about locking and unlocking the door. A smart lock lets you in without any hassle with just a swipe of a finger on an app, which makes it easier and more convenient. Aside from convenience, here are some of the most common features you can expect from smart locks:

Connect Remotely via Bluetooth or WiFi

The use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity is one of the best benefits of installing a smart lock. Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity allows you to monitor or control a smart lock from anywhere in the world by simply using your smartphone. Moreover, some of these locks have built-in cameras that can provide live video feeds while you are away on vacation.

Compatible with Voice Commands

One of the best features that add convenience and ease is voice command capabilities. Some smart locks are compatible with Alexa or similar devices. This means that you can press a button on your phone and tell your voice assistant to lock the door. This is perfect if you are carrying groceries or luggage because it frees up your hands.

Improve Security and Keep Your Possessions Safe

Since smart locks work wirelessly, they have better security measures than traditional locks. This means that there are no exposed wires to cut or lock picking tools that can be used on them since these doors cannot be opened manually. This way, your home or office is better protected against burglars since they would not be able to enter the premises.

Smart Locks Range in Price and Style

There is a wide variety of smart locks available on the market today with different colors, sizes, styles, brands, etc. So you can choose depending on what appeals to you best. Moreover, some of the locks are more affordable than others so that you can find something within your budget range.

They cost anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the brand and model. These locks are worth the investment since you get better security and keep your possessions safe.

Create Permanent or Temporary Entry Codes

If you do not want to use a mobile app, smart locks allow you to create permanent or temporary entry codes that will grant access to your door. You can give these codes to your family or friends just if you don’t make it in time to open the door for them. You can also provide these codes to your cleaning staff or babysitter if you are not at home when they arrive, so that means no more hiding under your keys under the mat!

Send Alerts Straight to Your Smartphone

With some locks, you can receive alerts on your smartphone if someone enters the premises with an entry code. This is perfect if you work from home and want to ensure that your kids arrive safely or that the babysitter has already left. These features come in handy when you are not at home or in the office to keep track of what is going on. You will be notified anytime there is unwanted access to your property so you can call for help or alert authorities whenever necessary.

Synchronization with Other Security Systems

There are smart locks that can be synced and connected to other security systems, such as cameras or alarms. This way, you can easily monitor what is going on even when you are away or if there has been an intrusion. Since these locks work with other systems, it only means that they have better security measures and overall improved protection.

Common Concerns With Smart Locks

Although smart locks are the future, we understand if you have some concerns about these devices. Some of the most common questions may include:

Can smart locks be hacked?

Although remotely hacking a smart lock might seem like a frightening idea for some, the odds of coming up against such an attack are unlikely. It uses 128-bit or 256-bit encryption, which makes them impossible to crack. So if you are worried about an intruder getting into your home or office just because of the lock you have installed, then this should not be a problem at all.

How do I get in if my electricity or internet goes out?

Most smart security systems still come with a keyhole so that you can always get in if there is an outage. Additionally, Locks also have batteries that will last for a few hours, and you can always use the key if your batteries run out of charge. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol that works even when the electricity goes out, which means you can get in anytime.

I’m not very good with technology, is this a problem?

You do not need to know how to program or code to use these locks. Most devices come with an easy setup and operation process that even technologically challenged ones can easily follow.

In conclusion, installing a smart lock is a fantastic way to make your home safer and more secure. They are easy to install and program, effortless to use because of their modern design, and allow you greater control over who has access to your home.